Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KiteboardING 101 -- Getting Started

KiteboardING 101
Part II: Get Started

Part II of today's official “Kitesurfing” Day! is promoting a #summerofdoing …basically cool adjectives of ING sports and hobbies with this week all about #Riding

Last year I hosted a Learn to Kiteboard video series for the International Kitesurfing Organization (IKO). They are the worldwide premiere school for learning to kite. A lot about kitesurfing is counter-intuitive, so learning from a certified instructor allows you to learn the sport quickly and safely.

Trailer for the series:

You can go to for tips, locations, schools, and general information on taking your kitesurfing ability to new levels. Create a log- in for a free 15 day trial and access to all 21 learn to kite videos. The series takes you through the basics of equipment, learning to ride, edging upwind, self lauch,  self rescue and jumping.

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