Saturday, June 30, 2012

Go Big. Go London.

Ever since I did my first street mural on the side of a building, I can't look at a simple canvas the same again. I am addicted to the rush of creating something even larger, even bigger, even greater than I ever imagined. It seems that every city, every home I enter, I look at giant walls as my own personal canvas.

I went to a London for a variety of reasons. LeWeb tech conference, the Royal Henley Regatta...But I only had one goal in mind. I want to do cool street art installations in as many cities as possible; London the first on the list.

Some signs, I can't help myslef ;)
When selecting a location it's important for me to do it legally. Or at least try my best to. **Disclaimer: there are always exceptions to that rule ;)  I consider myself an artist (not a criminal) so seek approval and often commission for pieces. I'm a people pleaser. I want to create inspiring art in spaces that both the owner and the general public will enjoy.

How to get started in a new city? I start by contacting every person I know in the area and searching online for the popular street art destinations. Turns out London has several neighborhoods all over the city famous for street art, Shoreditch one of the most visited.

I believe when you put your mind to something you're meant to do, life will help you there. While at a dinner for LeWeb, I sat next to a fantastic woman who introduced me to Spencer Hyman, founder of Art Finder --an amazing interactive app to finding and learning about the art in your area. Perfect!

Remi's recent UK masterpiece
Through Spencer I met Caro Howell, and Remi Rough. Caro is Director of the Foundlings Museum. A museum based on a special hospital that fostered, educated and taught arts to London's abandoned children (an inspiring place and worth the visit if you're ever in the area. Remi, one of the UK and the world's most widely recognized street artists. Remi gave me a mini tour of a few of his massive installations across the city and pointed me toward Leake Street Tunnel, right below the Waterloo Station. Leak St tunnel became renown for its high profile taggers (Banksy's notorious "cans" festival made it's mark) and that it is the only privately owned space allowing any and all public graffiti.

Nevermind big ben, the royal henley, the amazing shopping at Herrod's... give me some spray cans and a dirty tunnel and I might just be the happiest girl yet. This piece was especially fun... xoxo

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