Thursday, April 19, 2012

Art in Action

Just want to give an update that I finished my first street art mural. Yay! We had a party tonight at the Venice Crawl to celebrate. I'm sure I'll have better/more photos (or you can check out the facebook page). This project was truly a grassroots event. All the money raised has gone toward creating the first ever action sports program for the youth of "dogtown" aka Venice, CA. It was incredible to have so much support, and involvement from students, teachers, parents, athletes, fellow artists, friends and community members. The ripple effect building from this effort, might be one of my proudest accomplishments to date. (Not because of the scale, (although stoked to have painted a huge ass wall) but for what it stands for. One student told me working on this has inspired him to start his own clothing line...and he's now got shirts and designs ready to print. A teacher from Beverly Hills High came out to give personal thanks. Many more offerer services, help and gratitude. It was an honor to be recognized and part of a true community event where everyone gathered to support each other and our youth. All together, we made an impact. There was a lot of love this evening, and it made me appreciate all the people in my life who have inspired me. Many of whom, do not live in LA and could not be there. It makes me sad to be so far away, but I'm grateful for the unwavering love, support and understanding. Family is the greatest community of all.

Putting up the finishing touches. Man, do I love that scissor lift.

Breakwater view details inside the barrel.
 All lit up.

 Grassroots baby!

 Students tagging the bottom half of the wall. They're not allowed to use spray paint in school, so this is an extra-curricular skill.

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