Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trending Derby Daze

The Kentucky Derby is legendary. Ridiculous actually.

Over 150,000 people go to Louisville every spring donned in pastels, ladies in big hats, and men in bow-ties ready to bet their bottom dollar on the races and mint juleps. Makes me proud to be a Southerner. Thought I’d be arriving in style on my friend’s private jet…until I realized that we were one of nearly 300 private jets to arrive that weekend and had to park in the ‘overflow’ section and shuttle in. All in all it’s a huge a party with high fashions. And like most southern women’s fashion, when it comes to hats, bigger is better. A big fashion no-no…wearing your hat out at night, especially nights other than on saturday Derby Day. Ladies, I know you just spent a fortune on this one-time accessory, but save it for daytime use only, and preferably on the day of. You can always trade with your girlfriends.

Happy to have made Elle Magazine’s 2012 Derby Fashion Picks…

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