Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kiteboarding flies through Olympics Committee

On May 7th, it was announced that kiteboarding will replace a windsurfing spot in the International Sailing section of the 2016 Rio Olympics. This is huge news for the kiteboarding community and the legitimacy of the sport. Props to all involved.

Article from BBC Sports:

Kiteboarding to replace windsurfing at 2016 Rio Olympics

Kiteboarding will make its Olympic debut at the 2016 Games in Rio after the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) dropped windsurfing.

The decision has been met with surprise and frustration within windsurfing and an online petition has been set up to keep it as an Olympic discipline.

British sailing’s John Derbyshire said: “We’re disappointed for windsurfing.

Kiteboarding v windsurfing
Kiteboarding - a wind powered surface watersport using a kite and a board to move across the water.
Windsurfing - a wind powered surface watersport using a sail attached to a board to move across the water

“[But we are] looking forward to working with kiteboarders to develop the talent pathway for this new event.”

The decision was made by the ISAF at a meeting in Italy on Saturday and Derbyshire added: “While an exciting prospect for a new discipline, the decision to replace windsurfing will of course be a huge blow to the windsurfing community.

However, he added: “Kiteboarding made a solid case for its Olympic inclusion at the March trials and, although a surprise that ISAF has voted it into the Olympic programme at this stage, it appears they wished to seize the opportunity, rather than wait until 2020.”

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